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Our Brewery's Story

Learn about the making of WestFax Brewing Co. and how we have a unique approach to our beer and culture.

Core Beers

Below is a list of our flagship beers for your cranium's enjoyment. For a full list of our brews, please see the Our Beers page.

  • Tears of Our Enemies

    Scotch Ale
    • ABV 7.1%
    • IBU 31
  • Urban Lumberjack

    Hazy IPA
    • ABV 6.5%
    • IBU 67
  • Blootylicious

    Blueberry Wheat
    • ABV 5%
    • IBU 25
  • 40 West IPA

    India Pale Ale
    • ABV 6.5%
    • IBU 85

WestFax by The Numbers:

  • 269,080

    Pints Served

  • 368

    Dogs Met

  • 190


  • 9703

    High Fives Given

Liberate Your Pint

We love craft beer; it's our passion, and we want to share it with you. We invite you to come by our local taproom on the border of West Denver and Lakewood. Try some of our uniquely crafted brews, and taste the most liberated beer recipes you've ever had. Our delicious suds and laid back atmosphere hit the spot after a hard day’s work or for some weekend fun with your pals. Our goal is to facilitate a welcoming and artistic place for you to hang out and enjoy world class craft beer with your local community. We can be found on West Colfax Ave in the heart of the 40 West Arts District in Lamar Station Plaza. Whether you're heading to or from the mountains, you'll find us here ready to serve you up ridiculously delicious beer.

What To Expect

What To Expect


When you arrive at WestFax Brewing you can expect a large, modern, laid back taproom with a chill yet welcoming atmosphere. Our space features local artwork, an outdoor patio, a handful of big screen TVs, and plenty of high-top tables to hang out, play games, or shoot the bull. We're also dog-friendly! So whether you want to unwind with a pint at the bar or bring a group of friends in for one of our events, our taproom's ambiance will suit the experience you're craving.


We approach creating beer a bit differently than any other Colorado brewery. Quite simply, we create unique brews that we would enjoy and that we think will taste awesome. Sometimes this means using ingredient pairings that seem bizarre to some, but we're willing to take risks to make something better. We want to make beers that are a bit unorthodox in order to keep challenging the sudsy status quo. We hope to see you here soon at our brewery on the west side of Denver, trying either the beers we've become known for, or a new one that may shock you in the best way possible.

Notable Quotes

Our Brewery Team

Meet the folks who help create & bring you WestFax Beer across the greater Denver area.

Beer News

Check out our latest beer news, special releases, upcoming events and more on our Colorado beer blog.

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  • WestFax Brewing 3 Year Anniversary Recap

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