Taproom Manager | Austin Fust

Growing from her roots in the craft beer world on the east side of the country, Austin hopped over to Lakewood from another beer Mecca — Asheville, North Carolina — in July 2017 after finishing her academic degree and beginning her education in well-crafted beer. What started as a side hustle while in college quickly turned from a bartending gig to managing a taproom, selling and distributing beer, and of course, a deep love for sharing tasty, cold beverages with the community around her. Austin has been part of the WestFax family since she moved here in 2017, and now focuses on managing the taproom shenanigans, supporting events, booking food trucks, and a few other administrative mama tasks. 

“To me, craft beer isn’t just about catching a buzz – it’s about finding the beers that sit perfectly well on your palate and sharing them with the people around you. It’s about building a supportive community that allows you to explore and share what’ve you discovered — a delicious marriage between science, art and social experience. And if you’re lucky, you might just catch a buzz.”

In those rare moments she’s not behind the bar ready to pour you some gold or brainstorming what’s next, you can catch her pedalling uphill on a mountain bike, sending a climbing project, practicing yoga in the park alongside her sweet pup Bourbon, or sippin’ on a cold one slopeside. Austin handles all taproom needs & food truck scheduling please feel free to contact Austin if you have anything regarding the taproom or would like to be added to our food truck schedule