Head Brewer | Alex Stansbury

Alex Stansbury | Brewmaster at WestFax Brewing Co.

Alex Stansbury has been brewing on a professional level longer than most breweries in Colorado have been in existence. Much of his professional brewing background was obtained brewing for Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs, CO. Alex has a profound love for craft beer and loves using his expertise and creativity to continue the advancement of beer for local Colorado beer-lovers. After joining WestFax in 2016, Alex and his family moved to Lakewood from Idaho Springs to be a part of the local community (and cut down on that mountain commute).

Alex has supreme knowledge of what it takes to create any style of beer, but he still approaches his recipes and brews a bit differently. When developing a new beer recipe, Alex simply creates beers that he thinks he’d enjoy, which translates to enjoyment for everyone. He’s not concerned about maintaining style guidelines or “rules”. If he thinks the beer could improve by using some creativity, then he’s willing to mix things up a bit.

“The classics are classic because they taste good, but every one of them started with a brewer trying something new.”

Alex brings much humor and charisma to the WestFax Team and culture. He and his wife Jill, have two kiddos and are working on refinishing their home near Belmar. They also like to spend time outside with their kids, long walks on the beach and short walks to the fridge.