Founder | Anthony Martuscello

Anthony Martuscello | Owner/Founder of WestFax Brewing

Having grown up in the Finger Lakes region in New York, Anthony is no stranger to strong work ethic and a drive to succeed. Anthony’s passion and concepts for opening a brewery date back to 2010 when he and his wife Jackie moved to Colorado from Pennsylvania. Opening a local brewery on West Colfax Avenue began to transform from the makings of a dream into a reality after feeling burnt out from his corporate career pursuits. Having run and managed teams and manufacturing operations for multiple Fortune 500 Companies, Anthony finally decided to step out on his own and chase his dream of opening his own local brewery.

“It’s difficult to say when my “aha moment” was for WestFax. I had been working on the business model and business plan for a long time. I think it was more of a slow build for me, but once I knew the moment was right, I was all-in. This was confirmation for me to go after my dream of starting a brewery; I knew I wanted it to be on West Colfax and part of the community in this area of Colorado.”

Although he had ample homebrewing experience, Anthony’s goal was more focused on conceptualizing and running the brewery as a local business owner. Months were spent laboring over every detail on how to build a successful local business from the ground up that would also provide value to the West Denver & Lakewood community. Once he found the location, things seemed to gain momentum. WestFax opened its doors on March 2nd, 2016, and Lakewood’s 4th brewery was born (and the first ever on West Colfax Avenue).

On off days, you can look for Anthony drinking a pilsner or a pale ale while fly fishing up in the mountains or trying out new beers from the ever-growing craft brewery scene with his wife, Jackie, and son, Hunter.