Brian Haitz, Marketing & Operations Manager at WestFax BrewingBrian Haitz | Marketing & Operations Manager at WestFax Brewing

Meet Brian, lover of beer, beards, and marketing. Brian organizes and conceptualizes local events, orchestrates partnerships, all while crafting and curating WestFax Brewing’s content and branding. Brian started working for WestFax in the summer of 2017 and is now one of the breweries core members. Brian has an extensive marketing background in digital, social, SEO, content, and traditional media that has helped propel the brewery’s growth and recognition.

“Beer to me is so much more than just a series of beverages. It’s an art form and a vehicle for people to connect. When people come to our taproom, they get can enjoy old friends and meet new ones and feel connected to the community. Where else is a commonplace that offers that?”

He and his wife, Katie, and pup, Winnie, live near the brewery in Lakewood and care deeply about the local community. Brian loves IPAs but also craves a good stout on a rainy cold day, and a pale ale on a hot sunny one. He has a love for local independent beer and what it means/does for his community. Brian oversees and manages local events and festivals for WestFax, feel free to contact Brian for any upcoming events questions or ideas on partnerships.