Marketing Manger & Events Coordinator | Justin Graziano

Justin Graziano | Marketing Manager & Events Coordinator

Justin is one of Westfax’s latest employees and started working for the brewery in July 2019. With his background in online marketing, social media, event planning, and content creating he is here to help excel and distinguish who Westfax Brewing is as a brand. Justin will be here to handle and organize all local events, build new relationships, and create all the beautiful content to help you recognize Westfax Brewing as more than your local neighborhood brewery.

Being part of the craft beer community and meeting new people every time I walk into a brewery is one of the main reasons I love this industry so much. When the people in it are so great people it just makes the beer even better. When people walk into Westfax I want them to feel a sense of community and enjoy great beer while doing so.

Justin was born and raised in Southern California and relocated with his wife and frenchies to Denver, Colorado in 2017 and quickly found himself falling in love with the Colorado Craft Beer Community. Now in his spare time you can find Justin spending time with his wife, frenchies, and his 18 month old son. He enjoys photography, pizza, burritos, and of course beer! His flavor of choice is usually an IPA or on a hotter day a nice summer Pils. Justin oversees and manages local events and festivals for WestFax, feel free to contact Justin for any upcoming events questions or ideas on partnerships.