Food Truck Menus

Food Services will be provided at Westfax Brewing each day we are open! Please do NOT bring outside food inside! Pizza Hut will ONLY provide food when a food truck is not present! Please see below on how to order from Pizza Hut on days a food truck is not available.

Food Truck Schedule


All food trucks will provide table service! Please stay seated and we will help you when you are ready to order!

Thursday, June 18th

Food Truck: Little Reds Kitchen
Ask For Menu

Friday, June 19th

Food Truck: Uptown & Humboldt
See Menu

Saturday, June 20th

Food Truck: Tulas Tapas
Menu: See Menu

Sunday, June 21st

Food Truck: Little Reds Kitchen
Ask For Menu

Ordering From Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut will provide food service when a food truck is not available!

  1. Visit and select “Delivery
  2. Select the food you desire to purchase!
  3. Use “Westfax Address” at Check out:
    6733 W Colfax Ave. Lakewood, CO 80214
  4. Leave Delivery Instructions: “Westfax Brewing. Leave order with Host. Please include plates/napkins & Utensils
  5. When your food arrives the host will bring it to your table! Please stay seated!

If you have any questions please ask your server!