Sippin’ On Summer Recap

As summer was coming to a close we decided to throw a summer bash to end the summer right! The event was filled with a ton of fun events and we can’t thank everyone who came out to show their support and hang out!

Throughout the day we tapped two special small batch beers that were limited to one keg each! The first one pictured above was our Lemon Berry Aid that turned a sea foam green color and had a slightly tart finish to it! It would make you reminisce on all your old kool aid days!

The second beer we released was our first take on a hard seltzer that we served on nitro! It was a very experimental batch and we were pleasantly pleased with the results. We added peach puree to it to add some subtle peach flavor, then combined with it being served on nitro it gave it a little extra creamy texture that you normally don’t get with hard seltzers. We also had guest floating the seltzer on top of some of our other fruitier beers!

It was indeed a fun day packed with fun beers and even more fun activities. We were also playing beer pong to win prizes as well as had a tropical themed photo booth!