How to Choose Hops for a Beer | BeerFax Episode 1

Hops & Beer

Have you ever wondered how many of varieties of hops there are, or how to choose a specific hop for a beer? Welp episode of BeerFax covers both of these questions and more hop info. Get your brain ready and maybe even have a pint handy, as we discuss the glory of hops and craft beer. Now let’s “hop” to it and watch this beer-riffic video.

BeerFax is a beer video blog series by WestFax Brewing Company in West Denver/Lakewood, Colorado. This series is intended to share knowledge/information with craft beer lovers, as well as help educate people on beer and the craft beer industry. At WestFax, we focus on creating outstanding beer that we want to drink (and we hope you’ll want to as well.) We hope to see you here in our taproom sometime at 6733 W. Colfax Ave., enjoying either one of our core beers or a new small batch brew. Cheers!